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Hello there, great to have you here!
This is the appearance of the family Michel

1986 Olivier started “the Christmas card thing” that somehow evolved into a tradition.
In the beginning photos were shot with self-timer and developed in our own darkroom.
Later on paper, cutter and lots of glue were the tools of the trade. 
Fore some years we used the Fotomuseum Winterthur as place to get our annual shot done; we even had magnum photographers tuning their career with us.
After 25 year in 2011 some (one) family members got a bit tired to have mid-year family crisis, agreeing on the subject and bringing everyone together from all over the world, to do some staged photos.
At that point Etienne and Julian took over the themes and we finally could do the burning Christmas tree we dreamt of for ages. Since then our dear friend Markus Mallaun is part of the gig as photographer and has been a lot of inspiration and source of controversial discussions.
You can find him and his wive under www.mallaun.ch.

The review you can find here: in the family album, top left gives you the details and making of, of all the years.

Great to have you here

The michels.